Procurement's role is to develop strategic partnerships to help HanesBrands meet the demands of its customers. Hanes works in close cooperation with key vendors who embrace and demonstrate high standards of ethical business behavior. Management of our social compliance program is implemented through our Risk Management and Corporate Social Responsibility Department. Social compliance and risk managers oversee audits conducted by approved independent audit firms and trained internal personnel through an interview process to obtain basic information and plant tours to ensure health, safety and Global Standards for Vendors are in force.

Hanes Procurement uses a strategic sourcing methodology to identify, examine, select and implement our solutions and strategies. This methodology encompasses our process for evaluating, selecting, and aligning with vendors to achieve operational improvements and support overall strategic objectives. Strategic Sourcing focuses on total costs and not just the purchase price. Strategic Sourcing assists Hanes by gaining a good understanding of its requirements, knowing how it must map to the existing supply market, and then developing a plan for both short and long-term objectives.

Hanes Procurement understands its global business requirements, and the markets in which we procure. Hanes Procurement uses a disciplined engagement process.

Below are examples of Hanes business requirements for vendors:

  • Meet all of Hanes vendor compliance requirements
  • Demonstrate high standards of ethical business behavior
  • Engage with Hanes Procurement via an e-procurement platform
  • Provide high quality materials/services, just in time, at the right cost
  • Engage in cost transparent relationship