HanesBrands is proud of its strong reputation for corporate social responsibility - conducting business around the world in a highly ethical and responsible manner. Our CSR commitments and efforts fall into two categories: 1) environmental responsibility, and 2) social responsibility, including being a responsible employer to our approximately 51,500 employees around the world. [Richard A. Noll, Chairman and CEO, HanesBrands, Inc.]


Hanes has quietly become a leader in energy management and aspires to be an international apparel industry leader in overall environmental responsibility and stewardship. The effort is more that a commitment; it is a major business strategy for our success. Using sustainable practices and conserving natural resources to mitigate our environmental footprint and reduce costs is one of Hanes’ core efforts to create value for our company, our investors, our consumers, our employees, and our communities.


Our approach to corporate social responsibility is based on our firm belief - continuously expressed by all Hanes employees - that doing the right thing is the basis for a successful business. We honor this commitment by:

  • Ensuring high standards for employees in the areas of conduct, compliance, and business ethics. We have a formal training program and ongoing communications that require documented participation from all employees.
  • Providing clean, safe, secure and rewarding workplaces for more than 51,500 employees that operate consistently with internationally recognized standards. We hold ourselves, and our contractors, to the same high standards through an extensive facility compliance auditing program.
  • Offering consumers the safest, highest quality products. Our strict protocols for safety allow us to meet or exceed all regulations governing the apparel industry.


Hanes is proud to have implemented a rigorous set of standards for its company-owned facilities and its vendors for well over a decade. Our Global Standards for Suppliers (GSS) are primarily based on international labor and human rights standards.

We are also a fully accredited member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), an internationally recognized non-governmental organization (NGO), whose goal is to advance labor rights globally and to help industry appropriately address a range of complex issues – including the eradication of forced and slave labor across the supply chain. Our work with the FLA, and other global NGOs and organizations, has proven valuable in our efforts to ensure that all of our vendors are compliant with our own Global Standards for Suppliers (GSS) and relevant international norms.

Hanes realizes that forced labor and human trafficking can occur in many forms – such as child labor, workplace harassment, workplace abuse, and workplace discrimination. Therefore, our processes were created in an effort to eradicate such unethical practices in all its variants.

Hanes is committed to this code of conduct. We hold our vendors to these same high standards.