HanesBrands audit vendors before production begins on any of our products, and annually thereafter, to ensure adherence to the HanesBrands Global Standards for Suppliers (GSS). This applies to all finished-goods contractors who have not achieved WRAP certification; all facilities that produce goods for a licensor that requires such audits; and facilities in high-risk areas, even if they have achieved WRAP certification or have been audited by the FLA.

All initial assessments of our contractors and all annual follow-ups are conducted using internationally recognized audit firms. GSS assessments are very detailed and in-depth. Each assessment begins with a formal facility management interview. Then it continues with a facility and dormitory (if applicable) guided tour and a thorough policies, procedures and employees file review including the areas of safety, employment practices, environmental and security. Site work then focuses on a detailed payroll analysis to ensure all wages and benefits are paid as legally and contractually required. Employees are then permitted in the room. The employees are asked a series of questions focusing on everything from working hours, to payment and disciplinary practices to freedom of association and workplace safety. The assessment tool will generate a score that will be discussed with the corrective and preventive plan at the closing meeting of the process.

As is typical with many companies, Hanes often finds nonconformance to our high standards during these audits. Our preferred approach is to work with facilities to help them achieve compliance, rather than simply "cutting and running." When Hanes find nonconformance, the facility is given a formal Correction Action Plan and a specified number of days (typically no more than 90) in which to correct the observed problem. The vast majority of follow-up audits are conducted by our internal compliance teams and are unannounced to ensure the problems are indeed being fixed. Hanes has fully dedicated internal compliance employees reporting to the Vice President of corporate social responsibility in the United States, El Salvador, Honduras, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Bangladesh.

It is important to note that Hanes reserves the right to audit any facility at any time. Hanes does so unannounced, nearly every day, even for facilities that have WRAP or other certifications.

In cases in which our auditors find a zero-tolerance violation of our Global Vendor Standards, or when observed issues are not corrected after sufficient opportunities to do so, Hanes will disapprove a facility. Such facilities are tracked on our social compliance alarm list which is circulated throughout our organization and up to senior management. “Disapproval” means that production at that facility must cease for at least one year and the facility must fully pass a new audit and receive written approval from the Hanes Vice President of CSR before production may begin again.