HanesBrands depends on strong relationships with its customers, vendors and other business partners to help us provide the high-quality, high-value products that consumers demand.


Hanes strictly abides by all local laws and applicable U.S. laws, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and requires vendors to act in a similar manner.

Vendors will not pay bribes or engage in corrupt practices in order to advance Hanes' business interests. This includes, directly or indirectly, offering, promising to pay or authorizing the payment of money or anything of value to local government officials, political parties or candidates for political office for the purpose of influencing the acts or decisions of local officials.

Vendors will comply with all applicable laws and regulations; this includes local and national codes, rules, and regulations as well as applicable treaties. Hanes will only do business with vendors who comply to FCPA laws.


Hanes believes in doing business with those vendors, contractors, joint venture partners, agents, sales representatives, distributors and consultants who embrace and demonstrate high standards of ethical business behavior. All persons or companies engaging in ongoing or material business relationships with Hanes will receive a copy of the Global Standards for Suppliers.

Hanes will not knowingly use vendors who operate in violation of applicable law or regulation, including local environmental, employment, and safety laws. We will also not knowingly do business with vendors who employ non-family members under the age of 15, employ forced labor, or use corporal punishment to discipline employees, regardless of whether such practices are permitted by applicable law. Hanes will exercise diligence to determine whether vendors conform to these standards.

Additionally, Hanes will favor competitive vendors who are proactive in contributing to the continued education and betterment of employees, and who provide equal opportunity to all. Competitive vendors who have demonstrated commitment to environmental, employment and community standards above and beyond the law will also be favored.

Hanes will respect the confidential information of our vendors.